About us

Parkside Beauty is committed to making you feel good about yourself and have done so since 1981.

Our therapists are highly skilled in all aspects of Beauty Therapy and are dedicated to taking care of all your beauty needs – head to toe. Our speciality is Electrolysis hair removal for both men and women including Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. At Parkside Beauty we have maintained a hands approach to our treatments providing good quality care and attention to your needs so you gain a sense of wellbeing and confidence. It is our aim that your experience at Parkside Beauty is welcoming, that you relax and feel good about yourself.


Parkside Beauty Centre was a start up business in 1981 by two women with no business experience but, a passion for wanting to help women feel good about themselves.

The thought behind our business was to bring good honest quality treatments to a wide mix of women in the local area.

Over the past decades Parkside has developed its skills and knowledge in many areas especially in the field of permanent hair removal, and our clients now come from far and wide.  We are now able to offer our skills to all genders and are constantly seeking to update and improve all aspects of our work.